Effective Safe Parenting (ESP) is a program designed to help the family reunify with their children and maintain a substance-free lifestyle.

The ESP program has three distinct team members who provide the services to the families:

  • A Social Worker
  • A Parent Educator
  • A Community Nurse 

Each ESP team member partners with the family to provide a safe and stable environment for their children by supporting the parents in achieving a substance-free lifestyle. 

ESP participants can expect support from the team through individual, family, and group services offered within the family’s home and in the community.

Services may include:

  • Identifying the family strengths and support systems
  • Providing home-based clinical and case management services to help families ensure basic needs are being met (food, housing, clothing, transportation, etc.)
  • Assessing family counseling and treatment needs for emotional health and physical health of each family member
  • Coaching on effective safe parenting techniques
  • Assisting the family in the development of a community recovery support system

Eligibility for ESP services:

Families interested in receiving Effective Safe Parenting Services  must:

  • be referred through Venango County Children, Youth & Family Services.
  • have or had an identified substance abuse problem.
  • have children of any age—ESP prioritizes high risk infant cases and pregnant mothers.
  • have their children in their home or if in placement, reunification must be the goal.

The History of ESP:

ESP originated from Project Connect in Rhode Island due to the overwhelming success in the Rhode Island communities. An independent evaluation showed that in Rhode Island 45% of children whose families were serviced by Project Connect were reunited after an average of five months. Of families who did not participate only 18% of children were reunited after 10 months.

For additional information of the Effective Safe Parenting program, contact the Franklin office at 814-432-3466.